White 4D Plates


5 Simple Steps Below To Order Your Topgear Plates.

How To Order: (use drop-down arrows)
Step 1: Enter Your Registration
Step 2: Choose Off-Road Use For Alternative Spacing
Step 3: Select Front & Rear Number Plates
Step 4: For Collection, Option Message To See Stock Availability
Step 5: Click Checkout

Number plate Style is an all-over 3D Domed look

What is a show plate? It’s just what it sounds like — a car plate that’s just for show. These license plates are made with the same high-quality materials as our number plates. These plates may use nonstandard spacing or fonts. They may have more graphic elements. Overall, they do not adhere to the guidelines at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and therefore cannot be used for driving on UK roads.

But if they don’t meet the DVLA’s guidelines, what do you do with the car show plate? Many people use them for non-road cars, such as classic vehicles that stay inside a garage or showroom. Car enthusiasts also purchase them for modified cars that aren’t street legal. There is a great option for track days and photoshoots when you don’t want your reg on display, as long as you don’t take them out on the road as a substitute for number plates.

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